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The X-20 was the spacecraft to rescue Commander Salerno on the lunar surface, but detonated into one on the next mission.

The X-20 needs 4,300 lbs of fuel from the booster rockets, 2,150 from the left, 2,150 from the right. When that is equalized, the X-20 lifts into the air. The engines roar, and it blasts off.

Cabin of the X-20[edit | edit source]

The cabin of the X-20, as seen on Lunar Colony.

The X-20 had a cabin, exactly the same as the ship looked.

It had:

  • A microphone to Mission Control
  • A booster rocket dial
  • A fuel tank indicator


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even at the end of the island, after you return from the moon, although the X-20 is no longer at the launch pad, it can still be seen in the background of Main Street.
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