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The Superhero's Handbook

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  The Superhero's Handbook
Island Super Power Island
Scene Comic Shop
Type Examinable

The Official Superhero Handbook is a manual made by Ned Noodlehead and given to you. Ned revealed that he used most of his life to research super hero comics for it. It is a paperback book.

Intro[edit | edit source]


"Hi, this handbook is written by me, Ned Noodlehead. I wrote this handbook after researching millions and millions of super hero comic books. This handbook is super awesome!"

Chapter 1: The Superhero ID Card[edit | edit source]


"Your Superhero ID Card identifies you as an official super hero. It will give you access to dangerous areas where normal civilians aren't allowed."

Your ID also shows your super ranking, which is the number of super villains that you've defeated."

Chapter 2: Dressed For Success[edit | edit source]


"Every superhero needs to have a sweet super outfit! Go to the Cape and Mask Shop to find a perfect one for you."

"Or you can do what I did, and make one out of old bed sheets and underwear."

Chapter 3: Your Super Power[edit | edit source]


"To (legally) gain your super power you must prove yourself a hero. Do this by defeating villains and getting stickers on your ID card."

You will need to find a retired superhero for more information."

Chapter 4: The Naughty Villain[edit | edit source]


"Super villains are not very nice, because they like to cause trouble. Only a superhero can defeat them."

Chapter 5: Tips for Defeating Villains[edit | edit source]


1. Your greatest super power is your brain. Use it.

2. Keep moving.

3. Use the villain's super power against him/her.

4. Notice your surroundings and use them to your advantage."

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