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Island Unknown
Scene MacGuffins
Type Usable

The smartphone is a more advanced version of a regular cell phone.

Role on Night Watch Island[edit | edit source]

Gus, the former night watchman, left a smartphone in an Quake-Master in the MacGuffins store at the Twin Palms Mall. You will eventually find the cell phone, and you use it throughout the entire quest of Night Watch Island.

Apps[edit | edit source]

Security Camera[edit | edit source]

The first app is a security camera. With this app, you can monitor all of the rooms in the Mall.

Contacts List[edit | edit source]

The contacts list is a complete collection of all of the contacts on the smartphone. In addition, this is where you call other people.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The notes app is pretty self-explanatory; it is used to take notes when necessary.

Planet Slug[edit | edit source]

Planet Slug is a minigame that is similiar to the popular real-world game Angry Birds.