Room B key

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Room B Key is the key that a man gives you when you find where his uncle, Silias Moon, is buried.

Role In Ghost Story Island[edit | edit source]

First, when you got all of the things that you need you go the Hemlock Cemetery, you find a man who is looking for where is his uncle is buried. He offers you to find out where his uncle is buried, and says that he will give you his Room B Key in return. Talk to the lady at the Hemlock Herald and she will let you look in the archives. When you go down, there is a binder to the right. Click on it, and on the second or third page, the yellow highlighter will highlight his name. When you find where he is buried, go back to the man and talk to him. He thanks you, and gives you the key. Later, you will have to give it to the man with the boat and he will give you access to his boat. You will also use it to access his room after he says that he is leaving.