Red Baroness

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  Red Baroness (named)
Island(s) Monkey Wrench Island
Character Type Villain
Gender Female
This character appears in the app.Dialogue

The Red Baroness is the villain of Monkey Wrench Island. Her name is a parody of the Red Baron.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

The red baroness makes her first appearance at the start of the race. After the player and Amelia gain a good start on the race, the red baroness appears in front of them. It is clear at this point that Amelia knows of her, but the player does not, as they were confused of her at the time. Determined to win the race (and the medallion), the red baroness literally 'throws a wrench in their plans', which causes the plane to crash.

She is seen again at the near finish of the race, and still fights dirty with Amelia and the player, even going as far as to knock the player out of the blimp, and throw a large assortment of dangerous objects at them. Soon enough, the player turns the tables the red baroness by taking the stowaway Crusoe's coconut drink and throwing it into her plane. Thanks to Crusoe's clumsiness, the plane's circuitry malfunctions and the plane goes down. This is the last time the red baroness (and Crusoe) are seen.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The red baroness seems to be a fan of making puns, as many poptropicans are. Times where this is proven are when she sabotages Amelia's plane with a wrench (and says "Sorry to throw a wrench in your plans.") and when she knocks the player out of the blimp (saying "Thanks for dropping by.")
  • Due to Amelia recognizing her, it is implied that the two are acquainted in some way. At the very least, she knows a great much about her since she recognized the danger that she caused.
  • The red baroness has no problems with cheating in order to win, and seemingly takes losing very seriously. This is evidenced by the fact that she was literally willing to kill the player just so she could win the race.
  • The red baroness' clothing is similar to Amelia's, hence the similar red colors. There are however notable differences in their goggles, helmets, and jackets.