Professor Hammerhead

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  Professor Hammerhead (named)
Rescued at last!
Island(s) Shark Tooth Island
Character Type Friend
Gender Male

Professor Hammerhead is a professor who found the ancient ruins of Shark Tooth Island, and afterwards was shipwrecked by the Great Booga while trying to get a closer look at it. He was assumed dead. You find him shipwrecked along with Shipwrecked Boy on Castaway Island at the end of the island.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Professor Hammerhead is calm, collected, and at the same time adventurous, according to the plaque inside the Tourism Center. His bust inside shows a well shaven, wide eyed, and apparently respectable - Professor Pendulum of Time Tangled Island is fascinated by Hammerhead's work, vacationing to his homeland and visiting his commemoration.

Professor Hammerhead after the shipwreck has a long beard, scruffy hat and clothing, and interestingly relaxed eyes. Before the shipwreck, however, he had wide eyes, purveying he gained some kind of wisdom from his time on the island. Nonetheless, he boisterously returns home with you, and is happy to be home.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

You first learn of Hammerhead inside the Tourism Center on a plaque. It reads:

"Professor Hammerhead discovered this island and its ruins. He was lost at sea while attempting to get a closer look at the Great Booga. His study journal was recovered and is kept in the Shark Museum."
―Hammerhead Plaque

Inside the Shark Museum, you'll find Hammerhead's journal. It shows a door with a special lock. The book has a huge bite taken out of it, hiding the Translation Key.

Later on, after you defeat the Great Booga Shark, you swim across the water to an island that the shark was guarding. On Castaway Island, you will find Professor Hammerhead along with Shipwrecked Boy. He asks you to lead them back to mainland. Once there, he thanks you and awards you the island medallion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hammerhead's eyes before the shipwreck are wide. However, when you find him on the island, they are relaxed.
  • Professor Hammerhead's name is printed on the house on Castaway Island.
  • Wilson, a volleyball with a face drawn on from the film Cast Away, can be seen in a barrel of sticks on Castaway Island.

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