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  Sample Item
Island Unknown
Scene Sample Scene
File Leave this to one of the admins
Type Read the Item Type page to decide

Sample Item page is a page to show contributors the basic outline of item pages. Please try to keep to this skeleton when making an item page. Exceptions can be made when necessary. Use the ItemInfobox template for the infobox. Leave the picture up to the admins.

Development[edit source]

Add a slideshow here (if there isn't any development, go to the next available section), and add all images pertaining to the article from this point downward.

If the item has been shown or mentioned somewhere before the feature holding it has been released, you can put this here, plus a blurb about it. You can find developmental pictures on the Daily Pop, Creator's Blog, or on Poptropica's Twitter.

If there is nothing to mention, please exclude this section.

Use[edit source]

For items that can be used, put the use here. Here's an example:

The item is an item that can do this thing. Here are the exceptions; you must do this, this or this. Pressing spacebar will perform this action.

If the item cannot perform a special action or cannot be used in a quest, please exclude this section.

Storyline[edit source]

Add a slideshow here, and add all images pertaining to the article from this point downward, including appearances and trivia.

If the item contributes to a plot of an island, then a storyline excerpt should be put here, explaining the item's role.

Trivia[edit source]

Here, you can write miscellaneous interesting facts in a bullet point fashion, like so:

  • Cool fact 1!
  • Cool fact 2!
  • Cool fact 3!

To find cool facts, you could read over the article and put cool facts from that into the list. Or, you could find some cool facts of your own.