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This is a page to show contributors the basic outline of character pages. More likely than not, however, reading other full pages is a better way to learn how to write pages. Please try to keep to this skeleton when making a character page. Exceptions can be made when necessary.

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  Sample Character
Island(s) Sample Island
Book Sample Book
Character Type Indifferent
Gender N/A

Sample Character, otherwise known as Character, is a construction worker who appears in Sample Island. In the events of the quest, he uses a hammer to nail a board to a wall. Notice that the name of the character is bolded. If the character has another name that people may recognize, you can also put that in this description, bolded as well. The description is just a brief summary of the character.

Characteristics[edit source]

A brave character, Sample Character is never afraid of a fight, always standing up for the right thing. In the events of Sample Island, his best friend betrays him, and he must chose between vengeance or mercy. This represents his inner struggle as a hero.

Here, we talk about the personality and appearance of the character. Their goals, motivations, pitfalls, and tendencies -- their personality -- and a brief description of their attire, noting any interesting features. This section can be left out given that the character is a more insignificant side character or background character.

Storyline[edit source]

If the character appears in only once in content, in person or just depicted somehow, the description of the appearance can be noted here. Be descriptive and detailed! In the occasion that the character appears in multiple islands, books, shorts, etc, you will need to separate these by a subheader. The title should be "Role in ____". You should link the content it's referring to, like "Role in Early Poptropica Island.

Role in Book[edit source]

Here, we talk about the character's place in the book, and how he plays into the grand scheme.

Role in Island[edit source]

Here, we talk about the character's place in this island, and how he plays into the grand scheme.

Appearances[edit source]

Here, you should state all the places the character has appeared outside the game, such as island campaigns and toys.

Development[edit source]

If there is any developmental content pertaining to the character released from the Daily Pop, Twitter, or directly from creators, you can post a link here.

Captain Slarx appears in the Daily Pop - "Unmasked: A costume is good for what aliens you."
Captain Slarx

Gallery[edit source]

If the pictures exceed 3, you can create a subpage (Sample Character/Gallery) for the gallery. If you do, leave the section out, as a button on the infobox will appear.

Trivia[edit source]

Here, you can write miscellaneous interesting facts that don't fit elsewhere in the article in a bullet point fashion, like so:

  • Cool fact 1!
  • Cool fact 2!
  • Cool fact 3!

If there are no facts to present, leave this section out.