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Not to be confused with Poptropica Shop.

The Poptropica Store was opened on May 30, 2009. It is where the player purchase costumes, gold cards and other miscellaneous things. To purchase costumes, the player needs Credits which the player earns after completing Islands or buying it.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Top[edit | edit source]

Asks you to buy a membership & amount of credits you have

Middle[edit | edit source]

  • Items (Items outlined in grey can only be purchased by people with memberships.)
  • Cost for membership members: 0 credits
  • Cost: varied

Bottom[edit | edit source]

Outfits[edit | edit source]

Cost: 75 credits

Poptropica allows you to choose which parts of the outfit you want to wear.

Gold Cards[edit | edit source]

A gold card is an item that you can buy from the Poptropica store. The first three were the Electrify! card, the Colorizer card and the Portrait Printer. Gold cards are cards that you buy with poptropica credits after you complete an island. The special ability gold cards cost about 325 Poptropica credits unless it has the "Free" label on it. a costume Gold card costs about 75 Poptropica credits. Members only cards are made specially for members.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Some store items