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The Poptropica Disease Center is a Poptropican government institution made to cure deadly diseases in Poptropicans. Their headquarters is located in (or rather under) the video rental shop on Virus Hunter Island. They were introduced in the mini web comic, Pandemic Panic.

Role In Pandemic Panic[edit | edit source]

Dr. Lange and a team of recruits from the PDC were searching for the rare Labrador Duck because it carried the deadliest disease known to man, the CC13 Influenza virus.They needed to get a sample and create a vaccine to cure the disease. However, after isolating the virus, Joe Stockman unwittingly consumes the sample, leading to the events of Virus Hunter Island.

Role In Virus Hunter Island[edit | edit source]

The PDC first appears disguised as a pizza delivery company, but an agent accidentally leaves behind a sack of shredded documents when you question him. After piecing the shreds together, Bert Shell gives you a fake badge to gain access into the headquarters. Dr. Lange, however, identifies it as a fake but opted to give you a chance by sending you to identify the victim of the CC13 virus. After doing so, they send you deep into the body of Joe Stockman to obtain a virus sample so that they can create a vaccine. After doing so, Dr. Lange then hands you the medallion.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Lange (head)
  • Man with orange beard
  • Lady with mole
  • Pizza delivery van driver
  • Guy at the video rental shop counter

Known Projects[edit | edit source]

The PDC has been known to have a few projects, some of which have disatrous results, mostly due to carelessness. They have attempted to cure the CC13 Influenza, inadvertantly causing a near-outbreak. They have also worked on a poject that involves shrinking a tiny pilot to nanoscopic size and placing them in a nanoscopic ship for them to travel into victims' bodies and eradicate the disease. In the Virus Hunter Island Bonus Quest, it is mentioned that they have been working on a project to weaponise heartworm -meaning to use heartworm as a biological weapon.