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Poptropica Blimp Adventure

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Poptropica Blimp Adventure is a game the comes with the toy Poptropica Blimp.


A devious villain is planning on wrecking havoc on Poptropica with his weather blimp! Can you stop him before all of Poptropica is destroyed?


Go into your store items and click 'Use' on the Blimp Adventure game. Now read over the instructions carefully. For the first level, Dr. Cumulo Nimbus will hit three buildings on small islands with lightning. There aren't any no obstacles, so it should be no sweat. Just hit the first island with all your water. Now refill in the ocean. Go over to the next island and use half your water. Now go into the ocean and get more. For the next island wave your blimp around to spray water all over it. Now you will be finished with the first level! Cumulo will start talking about his "Air mines," so now proceed to the next level.

Well, Cumulo was right about the mines, cause you see a bunch of them surrounding a big island with mansions all over it. Now stay in the middle so that the mines don't get you, and level yourself so that you don't free float into the mines. When you gp down to refill, always go straight down and straight up again. Once your finished, Dr. Nimbus will mention his Lightning Mines. Your probably wondering what on Poptropica a Lighning Mine does. Well, if you get slightly close to one, it will spin to make it easier to strike.

The third level is more dangerous, with more mansions, a lot of mixed mines, and a mountain peaking above the mansions. It takes some getting used to getting around all the blimps to refill. But us experts can take it! Just keep track of all the health bars to make sure no buildings are about to go down in flames. Now you are really on a roll, and you're ready for the next level, where you fight Smart Mines, which will follow you. Hit the little mansion first, and now get a big refill and go to the castle and clear it. You'll need to make a lot of refills and check on the other buildings from time to time.

Once your done, continue, because it's time for the boss battle. You will now appear at Cumulo's battle station, and he will land and start shooting. There are some snowballs below on each side. Some cannons are shooting at you. Wave your mouse around, causing your blimp to wave around and distract the cannons. Now pick up the snowballs and go up to drop them on the blimp. After a few times, Dr. Cumulo Nimbus will start going on about how you can never stop the power of storms, and you thank him and tell him you'll remember to wear a raincoat. He then sinks into the sea and you've won! Congratulations! You earned 50 credits as a reward.