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  Patches (named)
Island(s) Escape From Pelican Rock
Character Type Friend
Gender N/A
GalleryThis character appears in the app.Dialogue

Patches is a character in Escape From Pelican Rock Island. Like most of the characters in that island, their gender depends on your gender.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Patches helps you escape from the prison in the mess hall during meal time by telling you that they will offer to help you steal "seconds" if you give them 3 sticks of gum. Then they disturb the guards by telling them that their stomach hurts, so when one of the guards run to Patches you can run to the other guard and get your second spoon. Now you have an extra spoon to sharpen in the metal shop during work the next day, after you overheat the licence plate machine.

They will also help you grab the three eggs that you will need to get in the kitchen out in the courtyard.