Main Street (Shark Tooth Island)

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  Main Street (Shark Tooth Island)
Mainstreet - Shark Tooth Island (Final).png
Island Shark Tooth Island

The very first scene and Main Street of Shark Tooth Island. Important buildings include: the Coconut Cafe Common Room, the Tourism Center, and the Shark Museum.

Description[edit | edit source]

With partly cloudy skies, along with a mountainous background full of palm trees, the tropical theme is as clear as day as you look upon the beach. You hop off The Poptropica Blimp onto a dock platform, near shark inhabited waters at the shoreline. On Mainstreet are two randomized Poptropicans, a Greek Soldier of Time Tangled Island, along with two Poptropican vendors: a Shark Fin Vendor, who will give you a Shark Fin that you can wear, and a Coconut Milk Vendor, who will give you a glass of Carbonated Coconut Milk.

Inside the Tourism Center is where you can learn some extra information on Shark Tooth Island's lore, including Professor Hammerhead — the explorer who discovered Shark Tooth Island who has gone missing. The Shark Museum is where you can learn some shark-related fun fact, as well as a look at Professor Hammerhead's Journal. To the right of Main Street is the Ancient Ruins, while access to the Temple Treasure Room from below is earned later on.

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