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Kerplunk's Logo.png

Kerplunk is a game show on Game Show Island, found on Buenos Aires.

Game Play[edit | edit source]

  • The main game play of Kerplunk is to race against the clock, past obstacles, and onto a teleporter, which stops the clock. Which ever contestant has the quickest time advances the next round. By the 3rd round, there is only one contestant left. If that contestant can beat the time again, that one wins.
  • Round 1: First you will have to race past boxes, which kick out boots, which will try to boot you off. Second, jump past two waterfalls, which will toss down barrels to knock you down. Then press a button to raise & climb a ladder. Swing across a light onto springing piano dials.You have to jump off the dials before they spring up.Press a button and climb another ladder. Jump past a slime blasting cannon and onto slimy turning platforms.Watch out because they are slippery and the slime missiles may knock you off.Then enter onto the teleporter.
  • Round 2: You must first run over giant, spinning wheels, and onto a platform. This platform has a button to press, and press to start a 5 second countdown. During the countdown, jump down onto a X, which, when the countdown hits 0, will drop a junk sphere onto the platform, which will cause you to bounce towards your cursor. With good aim, you'll land on a flying platform. Jump on and past these and onto the teleporter.
  • Round 3: Round 3 may be short, but if you don't have talent at it, it could be the longest. Just jump up the levels of falling platforms, while avoiding (these start appearing at Floor 5 of platforms) sphere knockers. Once you reach the top, race left onto the teleporter to finish.

Known Announcers & Contestants[edit | edit source]

Known Announcers[edit | edit source]

  • The K.A-B (Kerplunk Annoncer-Bot)

Known Contestants[edit | edit source]

  • Your Poptropican
  • Skippy
  • Super Sweet
  • The Muscle-Bot (supposed to)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kerplunk is most likely based off of the real game show, Wipeout.
  • Kerplunk is located in Buenos Aires, a town in Argentina, that Dr. Hare actually visited during his World Domination Tour.