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Island Unknown
Scene Princess Dagger's planet
Type Equipable

The Guano is an item that can be found in Galactic Hot Dogs Island.

Role in Galactic Hot Dogs Island[edit | edit source]

When you obtain the Guano (see below), equip it, and go to Humpree's planet. When you walk up to a mushroom-like plant, either click it, or press the space bar to make it turn the other way.


Being able to jump on the tops of the mushrooms so you can rescue Humpree.

How to Get it[edit | edit source]

Go to Princess Dagger's planet. Using the Gelatin Salad, push the falling rocks until it drops on a rock on the ground. Go inside and pick up the guano.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Guano is also known as bat poop
  • Guano in general is good for fertilizing plants, which explains why the plants turn the other way.

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