Grappling Bowtie

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  Grappling Bowtie
Grapple Bowtie.jpg
Island Spy Island
Type Equippable

The Grappling Bowtie is a revolutionary means of getting around given to you by the second spy on Spy Island. It is used like a grappling hook, and propels an elastic band which attaches itself to a surface and pulls its user in the direction it is facing.

Role In Spy Island[edit | edit source]

You first get the bowtie from the second spy after you save him. You must then use the bowtie to swing up to the rooftop. Then use it to grab the TV antenna on the next building. Then swing across to the other rooftop and enter through the vents and rescue the third spy. You also use it to defeat Director D and his Mini-Bots

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Poptropica: The Official Guide, it says that this is one of the hardest things they had to design for Poptropica.
  • It was invented by Dr. Spyglass and blueprints for the bowtie can be seen among the blueprints of many of his other inventions.