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Island(s) Super Power Island
Character Type Indifferent
Gender Unknown

Gargoyles are a type of grotesque statue that sits on the roof of buildings. They are traditionally used to ward or scare off evil spells and beasts, though they're now commonly used for decorative purposes and to divert water off of a roof.

Role In Super Power Island[edit | edit source]

You can push the gargoyles off the skyscrapers and they will shatter/fall to the ground.

Role In Counterfeit Island[edit | edit source]

In the underground tunnel tour, there's a secret passage leading into the museum with the face of a gargoyle built into it. To open it, you must find all six pieces of a torn paper to form a whole picture. You must arrange the features of the gargoyle to match the picture. This gargoyle was called the "Gatekeeper" by the Poptropica Creators.

Role In Vampire's Curse Island[edit | edit source]

There are gargoyles decorating Count Bram's castle.

Role In Poptropica Adventures[edit | edit source]

Crusher throws gargoyles at you. You must avoid them long enough until he gives you the information you need.

Gallery[edit | edit source]