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Forest Amulet

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  Forest Amulet
Island Twisted Thicket
Type Equippable

The Forest Amulet is a pendant with just enough magic to transform you, as well as give the powers of one of the three creatures of the magical realm: a Troll, a Goblin, or a Dryad to the wearer.

After Burt Diamond destroys the magic orb, all magic vanishes from the thicket and the magical creatures turn to stone. Just before she is petrified, the Elf Queen gives you the Amulet, which contains all the remaining magic in the realm. You use the Amulet to stop the convoy and retrieve the orb shards.

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Dryad: The Dryad power enables the wearer to sprout leaf-like wings and fly.
  • Troll: The troll power supersizes your Poptropican and gives him/her super strength.
  • Goblin: The goblin power grants the wearer the ability to run extremely fast, to the point of appearing as a mere blur.

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