Captain Boomer

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  Captain Boomer (named)
Island(s) S.O.S Island
Character Type Friend
Gender Male

Captain Boomer is a character on S.O.S Island.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Captain Boomer has grey hair and a grey beard. These, and the wrinkles on his face hint that he is quite old. He wears classic captain's clothes.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Role in S.O.S Island[edit | edit source]

Captain Boomer was for some time the captain of the S.S. Pequod, and his so-called "mortal enemy" was the White Whale. One time he was chasing the white whale and crashed into an iceberg, but told everyone the whale rammed the ship. Captain Boomer refused to leave the ship, and as the ship sunk lower, he began to tread water, until the bridge was covered in water and the crabs infested it. Then you must save the captain by using a pipe wrench to activate the whale caller and call the White Whale to save both of you, and the Captain, having realized that the whale wasn't so bad, granted you with a captain's medal.

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