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  Bert Shell (named)
Island(s) Virus Hunter Island
Character Type Indifferent
Gender Male

Bert Shell is a conspiracy theorist and pirate radio host on Virus Hunter Island.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Bert is a man wearing black glasses and a gray jacket over a shirt with a skull on it. He has taupe-colored hair and a patchy mustache of the same color.

Bert is a conspiracy theorist who has access to fake IDs (though not very good ones) and is constantly pirating a radio channel near a bus stop to broadcast and warn anybody who listens about the "Government Apparatchiks" who are supposedly moving in. Based on the words of the dancer waiting at the bus stop, Bert's theories seem to do nothing but annoy his listeners.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Role In Virus Hunter Island[edit | edit source]

Bert Shell set up his radio station on the roof of Globechem, just above Main Street, so that everyone could hear his broadcasts. Bert used his station to convince people of "Government invaders." After you piece together the bag of shredded documents, he gives you a badge to access PDC HQ.