Aircraft Graveyard

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  Aircraft Graveyard
File sceneGraveyard.swf
Island Early Poptropica

Aircraft Graveyard is a scene located after the Giant Garden on Early Poptropica Island, in which you will find the Jet Pack. It seems to be an aftermath of some sort of extra-terrestrial battle.


Being in the clouds, there are tons of crashed aircrafts in this scene. There are also some toxic barrels and a peculiar table that you find the Jet Pack on.

Notable Aircraft

Aircrafts seen in the graveyard are:

  • Unidentified flying object
  • A communication satellite
  • A launch pad
  • A Lockheed C-141 Starlifter
  • A Jet Pack


The content of the scene suggests a few possibilities:

  1. An extra-terrestrial battle took place here.
  2. The Purple Giant, being so tall, enjoys crashing aircrafts.

By navigating over the various wrecked planes, you'll find the Jet Pack sitting on a table. You can then fly back over the aircrafts and return to the Giant Garden.




  • The UFO seen in the background of this scene is different than Mordred's Excalibur, purveying other apparent alien life.
  • Text can be read on the side of the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter, sayin 'Mars or bust!'. This references to the rea life effort for humans to land on Mars.
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